Happy International Woman`s day!!

I want to salute all the women in the world, wherever they are for making this world more beautiful, and for making the men`s lives worth living 😉 . Cheers to all of them!

This is how my day started, by receiving some personal self made gifts by my two boys. And flowers from my husband. Thank you to them for making my day. We are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate so I`ll be taking more pictures later and post them for you guys, just because you are the best!…until later Besa



Card and paper-made flower from my youngest one.(Did them in daycare)



This is made by my older son Dion with pictures of me and him as a baby. Well done son, so moving.



Mami Bukuroshe- beautiful mom!


M- like raspberries

A- ice cream with chocolate

M- Spring flower

I- Iris flower


B- white snow

U- waterfall

K- barbie doll

U- kindness

R- white clouds in the sky

O- Oh how I love you

SH- light rain

E- Summer`s scent


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