Catch up!

Hi guys! Sorry for not being so active these last few days, it`s just that I haven`t had time to sit down by my computer and write because we had guests here in Tirana and we have been out most of the time. We went out on International Woman`s day to this place for dinner and live music. Here are some pictures (I wanted to upload some videos from that night but I don`t know how to convert them or how to do it so they can be uploaded, since those kinds of files are not supported or whatever) 😦 😦 to bad… 😦

mdress I wore a pink long sleeved dress with this beautiful, bold, black & gold necklace.


8mars 035Pirro Caku, a very famous Albanian singer/composer who entertained the ladies together with another male singer, and a male dancer of Latin origin who made sure the women on the dance floor kept swinging their hips to Latin hits.

To bad I can’t upload the videos, so you could see how fun we had 😦

I hope you had a nice weekend too! Besa

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