NOT like ANY other DAY!

In Sweden they say, “Morgon stund  har guld i mun”. “Morning time is a gold mine” something like that, if you would to translate it in English. (I don`t know maybe there even IS a saying in English as well which I am not aware of yet). Anyways, it sure is a wonderful morning here in Tirana, Albania. Clear sky and sunny, the temp. is 10 degrees Celsius right now, and is expected to be 21 later on the day. That means only one thing for me. SPEND THE DAY OUTSIDE!! 🙂 In mean time i`m going to leave you with some photos of some nice stuff 😉 .Till` later my friends!

gHeading out!



Not without my Chanel!



Couldn`t decide on which one, so I wore them ALL! 🙂



Hold on tight to that beauty!



Bring out the colors!



Gold, gold, gold! Yes please! 🙂

images (1)


Don`t forget to stand out! 🙂



Remember, it`s all how you present yourself!



Stay young, and beautiful! And most importantly, Have Fun!




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