Packing Issues!!!

Hi guys! I started packing in the beginning of the week and as you can see my suitcase is almost full, and I still have my stuff to pack!!! I was only planning to get one suitcase with me just because I am always used to having several, especially when I used to come from US to Sweden for 3 months. The worst thing is that I never end up wearing more than 1/3 of my stuff I bring with me. That’s why I wanted to pack light this time, but the boys stuff almost filled the whole suitcase as you can see. Now I have to find a solution because what am I supposed to do to these other things??? Help!!




Xo Besa

4 thoughts on “Packing Issues!!!

  1. Decisions.. Decisions..
    I try to travel light, too; but it’s always a struggle! One suitcase and a carry-on usually does it for me. Perhaps consider doing the shopping once you arrive at your destination? Just have enough clothes to keep you comfortable, clean and dry for hot, cold, and wet climates. Good luck!

    1. First of all thank you for your advice! I know a carry-on bag is a good solutions most of the times, but this time I think its enough that I will be carrying my purse and two very active little boys. One is almost 9 and the other is 3 so I want to avoid having that carry on luggage. But it seems like I need that extra bag, but I am checking it in with the other big suitcase. That`s what I`m going to do. 🙂 xo

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