My Fall Inspiration!

Is there anyone else but me that can`t wait for Fall to come. I think I`ve had enough of the heat, I want Fall with all the beautiful colors on the trees, the rain and so on. Yeah call me crazy but Fall is  my favorite time of the year. As I was looking to get inspired for Fall here is what caught my eye. Ralph Lauren!

Ralph Lauren



Fall please hurry!

Xo Besa

5 thoughts on “My Fall Inspiration!

  1. Just stumbled upon this old blog post and LOVE the bag. Do you happen to know the style of it? I know it’s last year’s, but would love to hunt one down! Thank you.

    1. First, Im glad you stumbled upon our blog and secondly I know the bag is Ralph Laurent but i’m not sure of the style. Ill try to look it up and If I can find out then I’ll let you know 😀. Until later then / Besa

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