Summer dreaming!

I know it might be to early to mention the word “Summer”, since we just recently entered Spring. But I can`t help but dream away and remind my self about all the great things that we love about Summer. Here are some examples in photos and writing.

The golden sun tan.

The golden sun tan.

The sheer, white  fabrics

The sheer, white fabrics

The beach and sunsets

The beach and sunsets

Bright colored make-up

Bright colored make-up

Load with accessories

 Big load of accessories

Picking flowers everywhere

Freshly picked flowers

Ready to step out at any moment

Ready to step out at any moment

The cool shade, and wind on your hair

The cool shade, and wind on your hair

The sound of the sea breeze and the waves.

The sea breeze, and the sound of the waves.

I guess thinking ahead is not that bad after all. It`s nice to bring forth those warm, tingling feelings when thinking about the Summer. It`s just nice to be reminded of all those things, which are just a few among many, many other great things to do in summer.


Beach part 1

These are some events from yesterday, my everyday look, work-out look and going out look. We spend the afternoon in Durres, Albania. The kids had fun playing on the sand while me and my hubby enjoyed some wine and dinner, by the beach. It`s this great hotel Majestic who have amazing seafood. We continued with the same thing today, but different place. More pictures to come soon.










English: Albania location Durrës.






Loving Spring!



















Random photos from today. Gotta love Spring! 🙂


Out is The new In!








Yesterday was a great day! I`m out again, I am feeling so inspired by the beautiful mother nature with all the amazing colors. I`m going out to capture some amazing photographs… until later my friends. Staying inside feels simply like a waste of time, when it`s outside that all the amazing things are happening  🙂

All is One!

Lately I have totally been obsessed with finding knowledge about wellness, and applying it in my everyday life. It is so important that we take care of our body, by eating healthy and working out. As well as nurturing our souls by paying more attention to it since we are spiritual beings expressing ourselves in human form. Our souls need Love, and compassion so we can grow. As it seems we are expanding our consciousness and trying to change the world into becoming better, more positive where, all the humans can care for one another and understand that we are all one. We all come from the same source, same consciousness. We as human have so much abilities that we don`t know about because they have always been kept secret from us so we can be controlled in a way by “higher people”. Thank God, it seems like thanks to the fast pace of spreading info via the internet people are connecting and finding out the truth. We have to all stand up and fight for the Humanity`s right! To live in Harmony, spread love, not fear to all the living beings. In fact all the living organisms including nature, because it`s just as alive as You are. Remember we are all one. No need to fear people, just think positive and do your part, and one day fear will disappear and we can all coexist in a loving World.




It`s a blessing!

Hi my friends! Sorry for not writing lately, but I was in Kosovo AGAIN over the Weekend. For no special reason, just because. Now I`m back, and I wanted to post some pictures that I took on Thursday afternoon when I was out for a walk with the kids around the lake. We had ice cream first, and after that we walked through a, it must be over 5 km long walk. I was surprised how my 3 year old walked, and ran without getting tired. Well he was at the end, but just before we arrived at the apartment. We had a blast together, it was nice to see the kids rosy cheeks, and smiley faces as they ran, goofed around, chasing each other. Check it out, and the beautiful sunset that we had.

lake 021


lake 023


_lake 035.jpg


ke 029.jpg






ke 045.jpg




I`m blessed, I mean how many pictures have I posted just with beautiful sunsets?? I guess it is as they say, when you appreciate something, and are thankful for something, you`ll experience more of it. Aaaw the beautiful laws of the Universe! 🙂

XoXo Besa





Sway, sway!

Oher Lake, Macedonia 🙂


We are rocking this boat!!


Wait for us guys!


Almost there!…


We finally made it back guys! You are not rowing this boat again man!

Hahahahha just some humor, it`s cute 🙂 Have a Swaying Weekend!!

XoXo Besa

Spring & Fashion

Spring is here and now more than ever do we just want to be outdoor and enjoy this extra hour of daylight, since the time changed. I am in love with anything that comes out in Spring, flowers, grass, trees blooming, colorful clothing, dresses, sunglasses, smiling faces, streets with people and many, many other things. Here are some beautiful pictures of Spring inspirations.













images (4)images (9)

Spring In Albania!

Hi everyone, hope you are all good! I have had the nicest day today. I have been to two different places today, in Lushnje and Berat. Berat  It has a wealth of beautiful buildings of high architectural and historical interest. Berat is known to Albanians as The City of a Thousand WindowsIt was such a beautiful city, I loved it! Such an old city full of history. Lushnje is more like the country side, it`s the best place for agriculture. In Lushnje and Berat is where we have our strawberries and raspberries growing, which is where we went with the kids, to check them out. Huge greenhouses with them. The kids loved it, they ran around in grass fields, saw a bunch of animals, and birds, played with sticks. The weather was just perfect to be outdoor. It was 18 degrees. I couldn`t stop photographing. There was so much to photograph, you could really tell that the Spring is here. The trees had bloomed, the grass was so green, everything was sprouting. We ate pizzas in Berat, we sat outside, it was soo nice. Here are a lot of photos for you guys, I hope you like them, and see what a great experience I had today!


_045.jpg02.jpg003.jpg004.jpg005.jpg043.jpg047.jpg048.jpg050.jpg051.jpg055.jpg022.jpg033.jpg037.jpg039.jpg072.jpg014.jpgBy_013.jpg_077.jpg73.jpg76.jpg078.jpg082.jpg083.jpg084.jpgB86.jpg090.jpg091.jpg093.jpgy_041.jpgky_019.jpg Xoxo Besa

BERAT - Albanie

BERAT – Albanie (Photo credit: Michel27)


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