Chris Brown – Fine China

A Michael Jackson inspired song made by my favourite Chris Brown!! 🙂 Watch it if you like R&B/POP 😉

Xoxo Mirlinda


Michael Jackson – You rock my world

One of my favourite songs by the king of pop – MJ 🙂
// Mirlinda



Check out this cute song that a couple of Albanian singers have done. It`s pretty sweet, makes you dance to it…” Emanuela, Emanuela zemren ma more moj e bukura Manuela..”

“Emanuela, Emanuela you took my heart beautiful Emanuela” …and so on and so on… 🙂




How to do your makeup like a Victoria’s Secret model

/ Mirlinda

A toast to Life!

Usheeeeerrr!!!! Such an inspiring song! Besa


Laaaazzy Saturday

Today has really just been a stay home and laze around day. Home with the kids and my husband, the breakfast and lunch was made by my husband which was greatly appreciated. After switching channels on TV I stumbled upon this movie which I had never seen before “Battle in Seattle”. It is based on a true event, has a great purpose and is played by many great actors. I was surprised, because I would have never missed a movie like this. I wonder what I must have been doing during that time it came out?..I was probably to busy working. Anyways, another thing was that I was having issues loading up the WordPress homepage and my Blogpage. Until my “computer scientist” of husband took the matter into his hands and fixed it. So three great deeds from my husband today, oh and the fact that he dealt with the boys during the whole day giving me a break. He also picked us Chinese food for dinner and ice creams as dessert. So I guess he did way more than just 2 good deeds after all. Here is the trailer to that movie. Hope you too are having a wonderful Saturday! Besa


Cover of "Battle in Seattle"

Cover of Battle in Seattle


Versace collection!

I loved the Versace Spring/Summer collection! Here it is to keep you busy, hope you enjoy it! Besa



London Fashion week!


What better than to check it out by your self, all you need to know from London Fashion week. Who, what, when, and how!… All FASHIooooooN!!!!! 🙂 Besa

She is Albanian!

Eliza Dushku`s documentary!

A sneak peak!