Love is in the air!

I went to the mall earlier today, with the kids. They went to the playground, I walked around the mall, had coffee and a Redbull ajajaj!, not at the same time though! Not good I know, but I was thirsty. What can you do? Anyways the mall was filled with Valentine`s Day decoration, my most favorite things were these pictures hanging from the ceiling with different scenes from romantic movies, so adorable. Here they are! Besa


"Listen to the girl when she watches you, not when she talks to you"

“Listen to the girl when she watches you, not when she talks to you” .  Quote from the movie : “P.S I Love you” (translation of the text in the picture).

Better now, or before?

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Wow, the glory of fashion. Is it not amazing how not to long ago when galas, awards and such events took place, the important thing was who was nominated, and who would win?? Now days, I don`t even think there are that many people who even watch the show that long to even reach that part of the award handing. The important part of the whole event has become to see who shows up, wearing who, what and why. It is a little sad that maybe one actress who wins an award might not even get as much publicity as one that would have had the “better dress”. It has now become more of an advertising, and selling event, than appreciating great acting!!