The sun is shining..



..And I’m getting tanned on my balcony while driniking ice cold orange juice. Aaahh!! Lovley 🙂  Have a nice Friday everybody 😀
xoxo Mirlinda

i chOOse healthY

I started of my morning the same way as yesterday, with a walk. Later when I came home I got hungry and made my self a fresh salad  I sat on the balcony, ate, and enjoyed the warm sun…everything on my salad is locally grown. 🙂 Delicious and healthy!

04-16 10.jpg

6 10.jpg




Jag har suttit och tittat igenom lite bilder på datorn och hittade en bild som är tagen från min balkong. Det var solnedgång men det såg verkligen ut som en skogsbrand, väldigt häftigt! 🙂


I was going through some of my pictures, when I found this one taken from my balcony. It is a sunset but it looks like a fire. Really cool! 🙂 Mirlinda






Beautiful rainbow

blogg 002blogg 007Want to know where the rainbow starts and ends? Just outside our balcony, this was just yesterday. Seriously magic happens everyday outside our apartment, not one day does it look the same, we get to see and experience all kinds of beautiful natural events, from sunsets, rainbows, snow, beautiful skies anything, you name it we got it. My son was asking me yesterday: ” Is that where the treasure is?” I said: “This IS the treasure” – B