Vlore, Albania!

Hi guys! Here are more pictures of our Weekend trip to Vlore a while ago!

Every time I stepped into that clear blue water I just never wanted to get out. It has just that perfect temperature to cool you off when you want to escape from the hot sun.

It was a great mini vacation. I guess we are blessed that we live so close to the coast which gives us the opportunity to explore many of the hidden and untouched places here by the Albanian coast. Every Weekend we`ll have a new place to go to. My parents are coming in less than two weeks, to vacationing here in the Albanian coast. That gives us another reason to go visit them there and explore another new place!

vlore albaniavlore albania2vlore a3


There are more to come, of the sunsets!

xo Besa



Vlore, Albania!

Hi guys! Here are some pictures of our Weekend trip to the beach in Vlore, Albania. These pictures are captured from my iPhone, there will be more pictures from my actual camera a little later. It was a great weekend with sun, beaches, swimming, great sunsets, and delicious sea food!! Hope you all had a great weekend as well!! 🙂

















Xo Besa!

Sunny seaside!

Hi guys! Hope you are doing good and having lots of sun where you live. These last days it’s been nothing else but to pack my beach wear with me and head for the Albanian seacoast. The first day on Monday was just me the kids and my husband. Yesterday I went to Durres and spend the whole day with my cousins and their kids by the beach. We had a blast together, and so did the kids. After that I ended up sleeping over at their apartament by the beach. It was a nice catch- up with them. Today was lunch day with the family and we later headed home for a nice afternoon nap. Here are a few pictures. See ya’ !!

Fresh, locally grown fig.

Chilling by the beach!

Grilled fresh korn!! Sooo good!!

Oh by the way this is my friend Sonia, she is vacationing through Europe and was in Tirana for a day. She is from Sweden. Of course we went out to dinner with her on Monday evening! We had a good time together
Till’ next time my friends!
Xo Besa!


Strawberries with whip cream at the beach today 🙂 Image

Inspiration 2 y’all

ImageXoxo Mirlinda

Throw back

Kosovo/Albania 2012


Oh happy day


How Can You NOT Love This??

I mean seriously, how gorgeous are all these by Vince Camuto ? I love the colors, the design everything!!


I love the jumpsuits, I love, love, love them!!


Summer dreaming!

I know it might be to early to mention the word “Summer”, since we just recently entered Spring. But I can`t help but dream away and remind my self about all the great things that we love about Summer. Here are some examples in photos and writing.

The golden sun tan.

The golden sun tan.

The sheer, white  fabrics

The sheer, white fabrics

The beach and sunsets

The beach and sunsets

Bright colored make-up

Bright colored make-up

Load with accessories

 Big load of accessories

Picking flowers everywhere

Freshly picked flowers

Ready to step out at any moment

Ready to step out at any moment

The cool shade, and wind on your hair

The cool shade, and wind on your hair

The sound of the sea breeze and the waves.

The sea breeze, and the sound of the waves.

I guess thinking ahead is not that bad after all. It`s nice to bring forth those warm, tingling feelings when thinking about the Summer. It`s just nice to be reminded of all those things, which are just a few among many, many other great things to do in summer.


Beach part 2

The peaceful beach waiting to be filled with people to enjoy the warming sun and sand. It was a wonderful play day for the kids.






Beautiful beach houses