Beach part 1

These are some events from yesterday, my everyday look, work-out look and going out look. We spend the afternoon in Durres, Albania. The kids had fun playing on the sand while me and my hubby enjoyed some wine and dinner, by the beach. It`s this great hotel Majestic who have amazing seafood. We continued with the same thing today, but different place. More pictures to come soon.










English: Albania location Durrës.





Heading to the Beach!

I`m heading to the beach guys, so I`m going to leave you with this look by Kate Upton with a beach to long to, and a bunch of beautiful accessories. Until later my friends! 🙂





Rainy day

Today it have been raining all day long. I’m home right now laying in my bed and watching One Tree Hill. Have somebody seen it? It’s a teenage serial 🙂 


I just wanna jump up the plane and fly to another place where the sun is shining! 
Bora bora should have been nice 😉 Or…
Image  Phuket, Thailand maybe? 🙂

Sarandë, Albania

ImageLast summer in Albania.

// Mirlinda


Flower of life!

Panoramic view from Nynäshamn harbour, March 2011.

Panoramic view from Nynäshamn harbor, March 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My dearest, and most beautiful boy! He is wearing a flower at the beach in Nynashamn, Sweden. He is my flower of life! How cute was he here?? Besa









Sweden (Photo credit: loops)






beach 2013 009beach 2013 008
beach 2013 037beach 2013 027

beach 2013 028

beach 2013 012
beach 2013 015beach 2013 034Today, my family and I spend the day at the “Gjiri i Lalesit” (bay of Lalesi) at the beach there, which lies between Durrës, and Tirana, and had a great lunch together. The temperature outside was around 18 degrees Celsius. We wanted to see what the beach looked like this time a year. It was a little windy, and there were some waves forming in the ocean. So nice to feel the Ocean breeze, and the kids had fun playing around in the sand. We still had our jackets on though. There was this great seafood restaurant there and they had a lot of guests. I guess other people thought it was a nice day for the beach as well. I had a glass of chilled, white wine, with this amazing arugola sallad , and seafood-spaghetti. We enjoyed the stay there for about 3 hours, and then headed back home again. Any time with the family is fun time!


Sweet life!


As I was going through our blog this morning, my son insisted I should post more pictures of him, so here it is my handsome little guy..He counts his likes. 🙂 (while vacationing in Sarande, Albania) BB

Don`t worry, be happy!

downloadThese are on my to-get-list for summer, imagine seeing these prints all over  the sandy beach, they would make Me happy!! BB

Beach time!


My oldest at a beach in Sarande, Albania.

My son in Albania

ImageMy son last summer here in Albania, experiencing the amazing sunset.- B