Back In Time!

Hi guys! I wanted to post some pictures from Kosovo which I took during our recent stay there. The countryside is one of my favorite places to spend quiet, and relaxing time with the kids. Not just because of the fact that there is so much to see and eat over there, but because of the friendly and welcoming relatives/people that live there. Summertime means growing time, on the ground and on the trees that we can enjoy. From watermelons, corn, cucumbers, peaches, plums, apples, pears, mulberries, and many  other healthy things. All these things grow fresh on our grounds where I grew up. The kids love to pick and eat all these things, me too of course. Especially now when I am pregnant. The Doctor told me that the baby is growing better than expected, I said it must be all the delicious fruits that I am eating. Anyways here are some pictures from the amazing and peaceful place that I like to visit every now and then. Hope you can see the beauty that I see there!


Kosove August  (31)Kosove August  (12)Kosove August  (33)


Stacking up for winter.

Kosove August  (18)Kosove August  (30)Kosove August  (29)Kosove August  (36)


Delicious green, sour apples.

Kosove August  (13)Rebuilding after the house was bombed down during the 1999 war in Kosovo! In the house that was destroyed is where I grew up. A little sad to not have it anymore 😦 .

Kosove August  (26)


The other house where my uncle lived in before the war. It`s not livable anymore.

Kosove August  (27)


The house post war casualties, there is a bunch of grape branches embracing it now. The grapes are eatable, but the house unlivable!

Kosove August  (38)

See the kids picking mull-berries in the far background??

Kosove August  (40)

Here they are on, by and about to climb  on the mulberry tree. My favorite berries of all!! Ever tried them before???  Here is how they look like.

Kosove August  (44)


So what do you think, I took you through a little history of mine through some beautiful pictures. I hope you liked them.

Xo Besa



What I found at the market!

I know you might think about a clothing market when you saw the word market, but this time I meant a different market. The fruit and veggie market, its huge but I only took pictures of these delisciousness. How yummy are these??




Worked all day

Idag vaknade jag och åt en super bra frukost som bestod av musli och en massa färska bär till. Sen klockan 12 drog jag iväg för att jobba, där testade jag på en ny nyttig dryck med smak av persika och mango, den hade även smak av grön te som förstörde lite då jag inte är ett stort fan av just grön te men det behövdes, fick en liten energi kick. När de va dags att äta sen igen så åt jag Skaldjurspasta, mumms!!

Här har ni det jag ätit på bild 🙂


This morning I had this super breakfast which was musli and fresh berries. At noon I had to work and there I tried this healthy, new drink with  peach and mango flavor. It had a hint of green tea as well which I didn`t like that much but I felt like I needed it to provide me with some energy. Later on when I had to eat again I had seafood pasta. Jum!!

Here are the pictures 🙂