What I Liked

So for everyone who would like to know which my favorites were from the Met Gala, here they are.



Cara Delevigne – I have to agree on this one with my sister Mirlinda because this is a stunning dress, and I think she pulled it of  great with hair and everything. Except for one thing, the bag. I would have chosen a golden or black bag not the silver one, it doesn`t quite  fit with the rest of the look.

anja rubic


I also liked Anja Rubik`s look, the bottom of the dress is great, and those beautiful matching red shoes, those long legs. Not everyone can wear an outfit like this one. But I thought Anja did it great. Sophisticated dress and simple hair. I love it!



I liked J-Lo`s look but what I loved the most about her was her HAIR.

dylan lauren


Although there was nothing rocky about this look, I still love the dress, in fact her whole look was great. (Dylan Lauren)



Met Gala 2013

Two days ago New York held the Met Gala 2013. All Hollywoods celebs where there to show off their punk rock inspired outfits which was the theme of the event. Who do you think did it best, you have a favorite?

Some of the best dressed people in my opinion..

Taylor SwiftImage

The girl to the right. Cara Delevingne
ImageBlake Lively in GUCCI

And here are 3 of those I think was the worst dressed ..

Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs, Mary-Kate Olsen in Chanel & Nicole Richie in custom Topshop

// Mirlinda


Which one do u prefer?
Rihanna in “gangsta” clothing or in a beautiful dress? 🙂



Mirlinda 🙂


I give the Oscar for the best look to…

The Best at the Oscars: Charlize Theron looks stunning in this white Christian Dior gown. But really, 98 percent of the reason critics are putting her on the best dressed list is because of her amazing cropped ‘do. I love it… Besa