When in doubt- Wear Black!

I had this idea where I wanted to put together some inspiring pictures of Black fashion & stuff. I know this time of year we are most likely to wear other bright colors. But wearing black never puts you wrong. After all just when you have no idea on what to wear, put on something black and you will rock the show! ūüėČ Don`t you agree??

When in doubt, Wear Black!

When in doubt, Wear Black!


xoxo Besa



The cutest Lanvin shoes! I love the sparkling bows on them.





My newly bought items!

Hello, yesterday I went and did some shopping at the mall. I bought a few cute shirts to wear everyday… The weather has just been so bad, the rain is just killing us for so long now, I can`t even go out from it. I want the sun!! Here are some pictures of the shirts that I bought at Calliope hope you like them. BesaB ¬† Be Cute with holes on the shoulders.

Besa   I love this one with the little bows, (Kate Spade inspired)


BThe scarf is from Terranova, a gift I received from a friend for IWD. I picked it, I loved the polka dots.

BBegg0BeYou see something you like??


60`s at the LV!

60`s is back, check it out this at the Paris fashion show checked, in twos and 60`s inspired with the pretty hair look and bows. Remember Twiggy? She was one of the major fashion icons of the 60`s. Here`s a little from the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 collection from the Paris fashion show. Besa