Capture the moment!

Out in the Nature, and testing my brand new Camera!!. Sony NEX – F3 which I LOVE!!!






Sony Alpha NEX-3

Sony Alpha NEX-3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Give me tips on great cameras!!

Hi guys I`m looking to buy a nice camera to photograph and I was wondering all you great photographers out there do you have any suggestions on great cameras at a price range of 400-700 Euros? Please give me any advice you can !! Greatly appreciated xoxo Besa

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It happens once again!




The white in the foreground is cigarette smoke.

29.jpgCigarette smoke coming in front of the camera.

43.jpg 042.jpg 043.jpg1.jpgThe moon was up in the sky as well.



You know how I always tell you guys about my view, I don`t mean to sound like I`m bragging but just look at this. My view today was once again amazing! It felt like I was on top of those white, fluffy clouds. On some of the pictures the cigarette smoke managed to sneak in front of my camera, but It just added some interesting effect to it. Because I live on the 4th floor I am able to capture and enjoy the beauty of the view. I sooo need a better camera though, but it`s coming in a few more months. I really loved taking these photographs! Hope you like them! Besa


manwithnewspaperI was for a walk in the city today, just because I felt like I needed one. It was a little cloudy, and eventually it started raining a little. I never like to get wet in the rain, but this rain was  just fine, it didn`t bother me at all.. I did some window shopping, and was trying to find something to buy for my husband for Valentine`s day, but I could not decide what to get him. I`ll have to keep looking. At one moment I spotted this man reading his paper, I was a little to far from him, so I had to zoom in with my camera to capture this nice picture of him. Later during the day I took my kids out to play, and on our way home we saw this cat climbing up on a tree, it was running away from this dog that was chasing it. I had my camera and took a couple of pictures of the cat-on-the-tree, the kids loved it.



Moon watcher

moonmoon2I was sitting and watching how beautiful the moon looked tonight, it had a bright halo around it which I tried to capture with the camera but it was impossible, the halo doesn`t even show. Maybe just a little on the first picture. I guess I need a better camera for that, the distance is way to long for this type of camera I have to capture. Anyways the moon came out pretty good, enjoy!! BB

Bangled butterfly.

New 001 (2)Two bangles

New 001


As you can see I like to take pictures, all kinds of pictures, it`s one of my favorite  things to do, whenever I have a camera handy. This is a picture of two of my bangles that I used and my butterfly brooch, – B.