Long time ago

Hello there our readers! It’s been a long time ago we updated, I know. But we have been spending time together since my sister Besa came to visit us and I hope you guys understand that.. Actually today was Besa’s last day so she is back in Albania again, or maybe she stays in Kosovo a few days because the plane landed there 🙂

We miss her and the kids already..
Here are some pictures that I took with my phone these last days 🙂

Feeding ducks 🙂

Swedish candy is the best! 😀


// Mirlinda 


Karamellkungen is the king!

I am soooo craving some Swedish candy from Karamell kungen! My God they have so much to choose from, the best, and most variety in the world. I better make an order to my mom and dad to buy me a big bag when they come to visit me in May.- Besa

images (3)download

download (1)Karamellkungen


Addictive song

I`m sitting here and listening to music with my two boys. I can`t believe what I`m hearing, my 8-year-old boy is singing every word exactly the same as the singer from the Gangham style. What language is it, Chinese or what?? This song is just like addictive candy for kids.. what happened to listening to kids songs??…BB

Candy colors!

Estee-Lauder-Spring-2013-Paris-Macarons-Pure-Color-Nail-Polish-CollectionI`m sure we all  think of sweet candy when we see these colors! They make us feel happy and alive when we use them, and who does NOT want to feel that way??I alreadey have  two shades of those, so I only have two more to  get, how many do you have?? Pamper your nails ladies, Estee Lauder, way to go!! -B