Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone, may all your wishes come true this year!

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Xo Besa



Happy Birthday Daddy!!

It`s my fathers 60th birthday today, and I want to wish him all the best there is in life. I love you daddy, and I am proud to be your daughter!!

suedi shqiperi 2013 207


I know he doesn`t look one day over 40!

Xo Besa


My B-day!

I`ts my birthday wohoo, and I woke up getting a massive load of kisses from my two kids…way to start of the morning. We`ll see what else the day will bring about..until later friends..

ūüôā xoxo





Gent the king!

genti Happy Birthday to my one and only nephew Gent Krasniqi on your 6th birthday! Aunt Besa  loves you, so does uncle Milot, your cousins Dion and Erand!! Rrofsh sa malet! Besa


Sneak peek!

Here is a sneak peek of the amazing cakes that were made for my son for tomorrow by the bakery called “Cialda” in Durr√ęs, Albania. Those yummy strawberries are grown by no other than our own family business “Allberry” here in Albania.(we provide the bakery, among others with fresh strawberries).¬†Everything was bought right on time, for tomorrow morning. More pictures will be posted then, – BB
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eagleAs most of you may already know, and even those who don`t know, Albania celebrated it`s 100th Anniversary of independence last November 28th, of 2012. It was massively celebrated by the population here in Albania, and all over the world wherever there are Albanians. Many arrangements were made in Albania to celebrate, among other things a concert was held with many singers, including the world-famous, Albanian singer Rita Ora!!(yes you heard it right, she is Albanian with origin). A lot of new symbols and monuments were raised in many Cities around the Country, including this two-headed eagle, which is the symbol on the Albanian flag. Still today, almost 2 months later you can find flags and symbols hanging out of people’s balcony`s, cars, and buildings that expresses people’s love for this Country! (This is a picture I took this morning)- Besa