Simple eye make-up

So simple make-up but I still love how the eyes came out. Beautiful! ImageImageImageImage

xoxo Mirlinda 🙂


An Addition To Sisters latest Post…

My darling Mirlinda, thank you for that handsome guys post you just posted. And yes I LOVE Jason Statham. One of the worlds most gorgeous MAN if I may say, but I would like to add another man to your post. The man is TOM HARDY! My god he is Hot! But I don`t even think he needs a suit to look great. In fact he looks better…eh what to h** he looks hot in ANYTHING! Hope you enjoy ladies.!!

Tom Hardy Tom Hardy Takes Breaktom-hardy-cha See what I`m talking about?




All about the Hair!

Here are some hair styles I love!



Here are some of my hair styles! 🙂



xoxo Besa


Speaking of Classy…

Here is my kind of Classy! My most favorite is Ryan Gosling, he looks amazing, I`m sure both the ladies and the guys agree to this. Or what do you think?? Who is your favorite?  🙂



xoxo Besa



In Anna Wintour`s foot steps



images (1)           download

Can anyone see the resemblance here, or is it just me? Is the first lady going in the world`s leading fashion icon`s foot steps?? She sure looks elegant. You decide yourself, but one thing is for sure, who wouldn`t want to??  Besa

images (2)images