A Loss and a Gain at 2Sistersoneblog!

My dear friends, I have an announcement to make. There are going to be some changes at the  2sistersoneblog. Vlora is unfortunately not going to be part of the blog anymore, by choice of course. Due to lack of time to blog and simply of other small personal reasons. But since I am blessed with so many sisters Mirlinda who is our youngest sister was more than willing to join me on the blog. So we say goodbye to Lola and Welcome Mirlinda to join the blogging world. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but at the same time I know for sure that the 2sistersoneblog is going to remain with 2 sisters and much more fun stuff to bring ahead. So let’s make Mirlinda feel welcomed by giving her a bunch of likes!! 🙂

Welcome sister!!




Mirlinda is by the way 19, cute, (single) hahaha. She is living a life like all other teenagers with school, soccer practices, friends, fun, family and other everyday stuff.