5 days left

I can’t wait until Besa comes to Sweden! All my 3 big sisters are coming for my graduation and I can’t be more happier 😀 We always have fun together and I am so exited to see the kids! . Here are some pictures that show how good we have it together 🙂

Xoxo Mirlinda

New announcement!!

Hi guys! There is something I wanted to share with you today, me and the kids are going on a trip this Monday. We are going to SWEDEN!!! We are so excited, there is going to be Mirlinda`s graduation, my older sister is going to have a baby (hopefully while I`m still there). It`s going to be a family get together at my parents place. I can`t wait. I will be taking lots, and lots of pictures while I`m there and will be posting pretty much about everything worth sharing with you. So I hope you guys will stay tuned to our blog this coming month, because there is going to be a lot of good stuff for you to see and read about. 🙂 🙂 . By the way, I am going to be there from June 3rd – 26th! 🙂

Besa 2012 576

xo Besa


Me and my Maxi dress!

Me and my Maxi dress!

Since the weather was really wonderful today, I put on my black Maxi dress, CK blazer, Nine West Vintage shoes, my son on my hand and headed out to town.


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Supportive big brother!

Love is in the air!

I went to the mall earlier today, with the kids. They went to the playground, I walked around the mall, had coffee and a Redbull ajajaj!, not at the same time though! Not good I know, but I was thirsty. What can you do? Anyways the mall was filled with Valentine`s Day decoration, my most favorite things were these pictures hanging from the ceiling with different scenes from romantic movies, so adorable. Here they are! Besa


"Listen to the girl when she watches you, not when she talks to you"

“Listen to the girl when she watches you, not when she talks to you” .  Quote from the movie : “P.S I Love you” (translation of the text in the picture).


_Besa 2012 010Here is my son dressed in his school uniform, check out his beautiful blue eyes!  BB