Fall inspo







Out is The new In!








Yesterday was a great day! I`m out again, I am feeling so inspired by the beautiful mother nature with all the amazing colors. I`m going out to capture some amazing photographs… until later my friends. Staying inside feels simply like a waste of time, when it`s outside that all the amazing things are happening Β πŸ™‚

I`m walking today!

Starting off the morning with a loooong walk with hubby around the lake.






And ended it with a nice coffee outside the coffee shop, while enjoying the warming Sun. πŸ™‚



I follow my own inspiration!

Here is my look today. I went and blow-dried my hair this morning, I do it quite often actually, and then I went out for coffee. Hope you like my Photographs πŸ™‚



Black jeans, white top, and a little pop of color from the belt πŸ™‚



Lately I just love the Black & White look!








xoxo Besa


Fridays` fun!

Today my son was of from school so we headed for town. It was a nice mother-son bonding time. We walked I think through the whole Tirana. It was nice, sunny weather with a lot of people outside. The coffee places were over filled as always. Nobody in the world takes coffee time so seriously as the Albanians. They really value social time with friends/girlfriends/boyfriends here. Here are some pictures me and my son took today. Hope you have a wonderful Friday! And a big shout-out to my most wonderful sister-in-law Sahara for it is her birthday today!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚16505422165813

images (21)Happy B-day Sahara!!

xoxo Besa


My look!

This is what I wore the other day when I was out in town! Shoes by Michael Kors, which I looove so much. Ripped jeans by Lindex, just like sister suggests on her post :), necklace by Kappahl, and of course myΒ I pad. Purse by Calvin Kline…and coffee. πŸ™‚



xoxo Besa



Coffee with heart!



I find this interesting how hearts seem to somehow sneak into my coffee, and then down my throat Β πŸ™‚ I hope this is some kind of a good sign! πŸ™‚ Besa

New 2012-2013 079 (2)


So this morning I did a small tour around town, this is how I dressed. I left my winter jacket home and put this thinner Cortefiel tweed one on. In off-pinkish color, jeans and hi heels. I had coffee and managed to buy myself a cute white blouse. Here it is! BBΒ  Β BBBeFunky_New 002


blousemBeFunky_New 010Β What do you think??


Hair day!



Today I went and did my highlights at my usual place called “Fantasy Blue”. They have the nicest ladies working there, the owner`s name is Silva and she is the one who does my hair. The salon does everything from hair, nails, facials, and make-up. During the time I waited for my hair to color they ordered Β me a cappuccino from the neighbour`sΒ cafe and we had a little time to chit-chat. The styling is usually included in the price, so they curled my hair today, my hair feels so much fresher now! BB

Happy people!!

Good Morning everyone, wherever you are! Even to those where it might be afternoon or night. It is a sunny morning in Tirana, about 5 degrees C, and I have just had my first coffee out on my balcony. It`s funny I woke up this morning with this Albanian song stuck in my head that I just can`t stop singing. I guess waking up singing is a good sign, maybe a great day is awaiting ahead of me, one thing is for sure, I will not settle with anything less πŸ™‚ .Today I`m planning to go out to town on a walk, hopefully be able to take some more great pictures, and even get some fashion inspiration from people in town. I hope you will have a great morning, day, night as well, and don`t let anyone, anything ruin it for you!! Be happy people, go out and spread some positive energy, because you know it affects others as well!! πŸ™‚ . Here is a picture that will make you smile for sure – Besaerandsmile