Creativity time!

Hi  guys! I had a little time today where I could work on my creativity a little bit. I used yummy green apples and rings of mine for this “project”. Hope you like the pictures.  🙂









The last ring is a silver ring with a large CZ.

Enjoy the bright colors, it makes you want to put the teeth on those apples right?



I almost forgot to show you..

My new necklace 🙂 / Mirlinda Image

Lucky girl with the view!

Hey guys! I have been wanting to post more pictures of the view from my apartment, but it was never the right time. So here is more beautiful sunset pictures I have taken. So breathtaking! Hope you enjoy! Besa

BeFunky_Besa 2012 050BeFunky_Besa 2012 053BeFunky_Besa 2012 058BeFunky_Besa 2012 059BeFunky_Besa 2012 063BeFunky_Besa 2012 065 Now tell me are you as lucky as I am to experience these kinds of sunsets as well? Besa