All is One!

Lately I have totally been obsessed with finding knowledge about wellness, and applying it in my everyday life. It is so important that we take care of our body, by eating healthy and working out. As well as nurturing our souls by paying more attention to it since we are spiritual beings expressing ourselves in human form. Our souls need Love, and compassion so we can grow. As it seems we are expanding our consciousness and trying to change the world into becoming better, more positive where, all the humans can care for one another and understand that we are all one. We all come from the same source, same consciousness. We as human have so much abilities that we don`t know about because they have always been kept secret from us so we can be controlled in a way by “higher people”. Thank God, it seems like thanks to the fast pace of spreading info via the internet people are connecting and finding out the truth. We have to all stand up and fight for the Humanity`s right! To live in Harmony, spread love, not fear to all the living¬†beings.¬†In fact all the living organisms including nature, because it`s just as alive as You are. Remember we are all one. No need to fear people, just think positive and do your part, and one day fear will disappear and we can all coexist in a loving World.





A Thinker!

This was so great I had to post it!

You are a miracle. Your breath, your consciousness, your mind. The ability for you to be self-aware and conscious of the inner and outer world. What a blessing it is to even exist and to be able to experience anything at all in this infinitely mysterious universe. You should not even exist. This Universe should not even be possible. Go look at yourself in the mirror and look up at the stars and marvel at the fact there YOU have been given the blessing to exist. And even with the miracle of Being before our eyes each day, we still resort to feelings of fear over what the future holds. Where is our faith in the Divine Order? Fear strips away our ability to recognize the Undeviating Justice in all aspects of our lives. We create expectations and hypothetical situations that don’t exist. We get lost in the daily grind and in our thoughts and create a mental jail-cell of fear that distracts us from the miraculous recognition of our own existence. Your fear, your suffering, is all an illusion. This reality itself is an illusion for love to know itself, and your body is merely a temporary vessel for that experience. You have an eternity of infinite bliss and love awaiting you in your future. What is there to be afraid of and worry over? Immerse yourself in this knowingness, and feel the intricacies of Universal Love penetrate your being. Love is the answer to all fear and suffering. Love is all that there is, and fear is a forgetfulness of this. The unknown is already know to those who understand that only the greatest good can manifest from an internal space of infinite love. Steve, SSM (Spirit, Science and Metaphysics on FB)