Spring In Albania!

Hi everyone, hope you are all good! I have had the nicest day today. I have been to two different places today, in Lushnje and Berat. Berat  It has a wealth of beautiful buildings of high architectural and historical interest. Berat is known to Albanians as The City of a Thousand WindowsIt was such a beautiful city, I loved it! Such an old city full of history. Lushnje is more like the country side, it`s the best place for agriculture. In Lushnje and Berat is where we have our strawberries and raspberries growing, which is where we went with the kids, to check them out. Huge greenhouses with them. The kids loved it, they ran around in grass fields, saw a bunch of animals, and birds, played with sticks. The weather was just perfect to be outdoor. It was 18 degrees. I couldn`t stop photographing. There was so much to photograph, you could really tell that the Spring is here. The trees had bloomed, the grass was so green, everything was sprouting. We ate pizzas in Berat, we sat outside, it was soo nice. Here are a lot of photos for you guys, I hope you like them, and see what a great experience I had today!


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BERAT - Albanie

BERAT – Albanie (Photo credit: Michel27)