Creativity time!

This is how inventive and creative I was this morning. I didn`t like to have sleeves on this nice T-shirt so I took matter in my own hands and created wonders! Well maybe not literally wonders but a pretty cool T-shirt. What do you think??

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Planning ahead for Valentine`s!

With Valentine`s Day being just around the corner, it is important that we express our love to the ones we love. How personal are your gifts that you give your loved one? Do you usually buy a card that you like in a store, or are you that creative type who spend a lot of time and effort to create something yourself, that is original, and personal. This year I`m planning to make the Valentine card myself, so I am looking around for tips, and ideas. There are so many to choose from, but it`s going to be a card that`s humorous and at the same time expresses my love for my husband.  Anyone has any idea to share??  🙂 BB