Hooked on Christmas!

Hi guys, as Christmas is just around the corner I can`t help but love everything about it. The decorations, the music, the weather, just that wonderful Christmas feeling that, warms and tingles inside of every person. Here is a cute collection of Christmas inspirations that I love….

white christmas

Bee 059.jpg

osove 063.jpg








Xo Besa!

@ sisters place!

Hi guys! It’s been a lot of family and personal posts lately hope you don’t mind. Right now we are at my sisters place in my nieces room where the kids are playing Wii games, here are some cute details from her room.






Xo Besa

Love is in the air!

I went to the mall earlier today, with the kids. They went to the playground, I walked around the mall, had coffee and a Redbull ajajaj!, not at the same time though! Not good I know, but I was thirsty. What can you do? Anyways the mall was filled with Valentine`s Day decoration, my most favorite things were these pictures hanging from the ceiling with different scenes from romantic movies, so adorable. Here they are! Besa


"Listen to the girl when she watches you, not when she talks to you"

“Listen to the girl when she watches you, not when she talks to you” . ¬†Quote from the movie : “P.S I Love you” (translation of the text in the picture).