Hi everyone! I know it takes some time for us to update you guys with the latest, but the days are now busier and busier. Kids, kids kids. The times are cuite few were I get the opportunity to dress up and flaunt the soon recovered post-baby figure.. It takes some effort and time but I’m getting there 😀. The need to buy new outfits isn’ nt with me yet as there are those extra lb’s that needs to be shed first. Anyway my sister Vlora is in town with her newborn son, and we are going out for dinner tonight.. So I’ll take some photos and hopefully I can post them soon for you guys to see . In meen time I will leave you with a few selfie, and kids pictures. Ta ta so long my friends. 😘 ☀️








The pictures are random hope you like them. 😀

Dress up!

Cute dress inspiration for the Holidays!



jul 1



Dressed for Dinner!

Hi guys! Ive been gone way to long right? I went to Kosovo for a week and didn’t have time for the blog, and after that I didn’t have access to a computer since my hubby had it with him on his trip to Netherlands. Anyhow last night we were invited to dinner at some friends place, this is how I did hair and makeup. I wore a hot pink kneelong dress and gold accessories! Do you like it?



See you soon again!
Xo Besa

Girls & Fun!

Here is a photograph of Mirlinda, me, Vlora and our sister-in-law Sahara from last Summer! 4 beautiful, happy ladies that knows how to have fun! 🙂






Funny thing!

shopHey, you out there! How many of you can relate to this?? It`s so funny, I thought that is so true. It happens to me every time I need to get dressed for a ocation. A wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing to wear.



Twinkle, twinkle

IMG_3707 (2)Here is an ensemble I put together using my own clothing, it`s great for a dress-up-event. The shoes and top which I bought in USA while living there are still unused. The top is KAY CELINE, the shoes GIANI BINNI, they were both bought at Dillard`s. The tights are bought here at a local store. The bag is bought at TJ Maxx, USA as well. Just some inspiration for you who might be going to a party. Hope you like it.- B