Elie Saab dresses

Who does Haute Couture dresses better than Elie Saab? No one…these dresses are amazing! Three words to describe his collection classy, elegant and beautiful! Check it out!

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We can go on forever, but I`m sure you get the idea of what I mean! Love Besa


In Anna Wintour`s foot steps



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Can anyone see the resemblance here, or is it just me? Is the first lady going in the world`s leading fashion icon`s foot steps?? She sure looks elegant. You decide yourself, but one thing is for sure, who wouldn`t want to??  Besa

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I feel inspired!

chA picture of me, inspired by Chanel, vintage and black & white……   Besa



Need I say more,really?? How about we just enjoy these                                          pictures. After all a picture says more than a 1000 words, and the clothing is self-explanatory!


chanel 2

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