Better now, or before?

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Wow, the glory of fashion. Is it notĀ amazing how not to long ago when galas, awards and such events took place, the important thing was who was nominated, and who would win?? Now days, I don`t even think there are that many people who even watch the show that long to even reach that part of the award handing. The important part of the whole event has become to see who shows up, wearing who, what and why. It is a little sad that maybe one actress who wins an award might not even get as much publicity as one that would have had the “better dress”. It has now become more of an advertising, and selling event, than appreciating great acting!!


Twinkle, twinkle

IMG_3707 (2)Here is an ensemble I put together using my own clothing, it`s great for a dress-up-event. The shoes and top which I bought in USA while living there are still unused. The top is KAY CELINE, the shoes GIANI BINNI, they were both bought at Dillard`s. The tights are bought here at a local store. The bag is bought at TJ Maxx, USA as well. Just some inspiration for you who might be going to a party. Hope you like it.- B