New beanie

I got a new beanie that I can wear now when it starts getting colder in Sweden. Kind of cool and so my style! 😉



Hello guys, here are some of my latest pictures on Instagram. Does anyone use that? If you do, you can go follow me there 😀 @Mirlindathaqii


At my sisters place



What a suprise! Vlora came home yesterday.. The plan was that Besa and Vlora was coming on Monday,, but she came yesterday instead. I’m so happy she came ❤ 
She brought me 2 pair of sneakers and I’m in loveee with them. Just what I needed. THANK U VLORA ❤ 🙂

ImageMe yesterday..

Nike Air sneakers.

// Mirlinda


Simple eye make-up

So simple make-up but I still love how the eyes came out. Beautiful! ImageImageImageImage

xoxo Mirlinda 🙂


_Besa 2012 010Here is my son dressed in his school uniform, check out his beautiful blue eyes!  BB

Go Green!


We now all know that going green has never been better! Green emerald color is both attractive to the eyes and has a royaly feeling to it. So make sure you please the eyes of the people, and most importantly your  own! -B