Long time ago

Hello there our readers! It’s been a long time ago we updated, I know. But we have been spending time together since my sister Besa came to visit us and I hope you guys understand that.. Actually today was Besa’s last day so she is back in Albania again, or maybe she stays in Kosovo a few days because the plane landed there 🙂

We miss her and the kids already..
Here are some pictures that I took with my phone these last days 🙂

Feeding ducks 🙂

Swedish candy is the best! 😀


// Mirlinda 


This was what I made for breakfast, simple and tasty! 🙂

Banana Panncakes
2 eggs + 1 banana , healthy and tastes very good !
You just mix together 1 banana and two eggs so that it becomes a paste, then you fry it 🙂 I ate it with raspberry and cottage cheese.

And this is my Lunch. I went to the Thai-restaurant and ate some thaifood. Yummie! 😉Image



Edit effects

Love to edit effects on pictures, Black & White is one of my favourite 🙂

ImageMe, my sister Vlora and Sahara (my sister-in-law) on New years eve 🙂 


Eat Fresh Stay Healthy

This is my salad I mad for lunch today. The ingredients are:

Arugola, avocado, green pepper, tomato, Bulgur, salt and Italian balsamic vinegar.



bb  xoxo Besa


Spring In Albania!

Hi everyone, hope you are all good! I have had the nicest day today. I have been to two different places today, in Lushnje and Berat. Berat  It has a wealth of beautiful buildings of high architectural and historical interest. Berat is known to Albanians as The City of a Thousand WindowsIt was such a beautiful city, I loved it! Such an old city full of history. Lushnje is more like the country side, it`s the best place for agriculture. In Lushnje and Berat is where we have our strawberries and raspberries growing, which is where we went with the kids, to check them out. Huge greenhouses with them. The kids loved it, they ran around in grass fields, saw a bunch of animals, and birds, played with sticks. The weather was just perfect to be outdoor. It was 18 degrees. I couldn`t stop photographing. There was so much to photograph, you could really tell that the Spring is here. The trees had bloomed, the grass was so green, everything was sprouting. We ate pizzas in Berat, we sat outside, it was soo nice. Here are a lot of photos for you guys, I hope you like them, and see what a great experience I had today!


_045.jpg02.jpg003.jpg004.jpg005.jpg043.jpg047.jpg048.jpg050.jpg051.jpg055.jpg022.jpg033.jpg037.jpg039.jpg072.jpg014.jpgBy_013.jpg_077.jpg73.jpg76.jpg078.jpg082.jpg083.jpg084.jpgB86.jpg090.jpg091.jpg093.jpgy_041.jpgky_019.jpg Xoxo Besa

BERAT - Albanie

BERAT – Albanie (Photo credit: Michel27)

Worked all day

Idag vaknade jag och åt en super bra frukost som bestod av musli och en massa färska bär till. Sen klockan 12 drog jag iväg för att jobba, där testade jag på en ny nyttig dryck med smak av persika och mango, den hade även smak av grön te som förstörde lite då jag inte är ett stort fan av just grön te men det behövdes, fick en liten energi kick. När de va dags att äta sen igen så åt jag Skaldjurspasta, mumms!!

Här har ni det jag ätit på bild 🙂


This morning I had this super breakfast which was musli and fresh berries. At noon I had to work and there I tried this healthy, new drink with  peach and mango flavor. It had a hint of green tea as well which I didn`t like that much but I felt like I needed it to provide me with some energy. Later on when I had to eat again I had seafood pasta. Jum!!

Here are the pictures 🙂



Laaaazzy Saturday

Today has really just been a stay home and laze around day. Home with the kids and my husband, the breakfast and lunch was made by my husband which was greatly appreciated. After switching channels on TV I stumbled upon this movie which I had never seen before “Battle in Seattle”. It is based on a true event, has a great purpose and is played by many great actors. I was surprised, because I would have never missed a movie like this. I wonder what I must have been doing during that time it came out?..I was probably to busy working. Anyways, another thing was that I was having issues loading up the WordPress homepage and my Blogpage. Until my “computer scientist” of husband took the matter into his hands and fixed it. So three great deeds from my husband today, oh and the fact that he dealt with the boys during the whole day giving me a break. He also picked us Chinese food for dinner and ice creams as dessert. So I guess he did way more than just 2 good deeds after all. Here is the trailer to that movie. Hope you too are having a wonderful Saturday! Besa


Cover of "Battle in Seattle"

Cover of Battle in Seattle


sisterly fun!

Dagen började som bäst, ringde lillsyrran för att se till att hon satt på tåget, gick upp gjorde turkisk kaffe till mig och min man och en albansk maträtt med bönor som fick koka i några timmar. Därefter pysslade jag lite hemma innan det vart dags att möta Lindis vid tåg stationen. Vi kom hem åt mat, och sen poppade vi upp rosé 🙂 Vi sitter och myser nu hemma innan vi beger oss ut en sväng med två väninnor till mig. =) Livet är som det ska mina väner!

Lovely! -VR

BildMorgon kaffet och “pasul” (bönor) på kokning…

BildPuss & Kram fick min älskling till kaffet =)

BildKvalitetstid med min Mirlinda! Got 2 love life! Nu ska vi ut och ha kul!


My weekend!

Wow this weekend has been a busy one. On Saturday, as you have already seen it was my birthday which we ended up celebrating with some family friends/relatives of my husband`s. They are in their 30`s as well and have 3 children. First we made sure the kids would have their dosage of fun by taking them to their favorite playground and afterwards we went to dinner, the whole crew. We went to this restaurant where they serve traditional Albanian food, and wine to accomplish the dinner with :). After that we ended at our place for the cake and they sang the happy birthday song to me and I got to blow a candle and make a wish. It was my birthday after all. Lately I have felt like eating cake is all I have been doing. First my sons B-day, two cakes there, then one for V-day, now one for my birthday.. Today on Sunday, it was Kosovo`s 5th year of independence! Happy independence day to my birth Country!! Yep I am Albanian, born in Kosovo, grew up in Sweden, lived in USA and am now living in Albania, some life journey right? Anyways, so we ended up going out again with the kids and our friends/relatives and had a wonderful early evening dinner. It was just wonderful, we had so much fun chit-chatting and the kids could go outside and play, because the restaurant was at the beach. Another thing that we are celebrating today is my little sister Mirlinda turning 19. So happy B-day darling!!!!! I took a few pictures of some gifts I received  too. Hope you had a lovely weekend too!! Besa

BeFunky_shoes 030.jpgBeFunky_shoes 027.jpg

BeFunky_shoes 011.jpg

We also ate lots of fresh strawberries that my husband brought us, which we grow our self here in Albania and sell and export. All-berry.com

BeFunky_shoes 022.jpg

My Swarovsky crystal jewelery set that I received from my husband 🙂

BeFunky_shoes 039.jpgTwo beautiful scarfs

BeFunky_shoes 041.jpg

Pajamas from Goldenpoint and scented candle set.

BeFunky_shoes 034.jpg

My chocolate mousse cake!

I think that`s it!! 🙂 🙂