New beanie

I got a new beanie that I can wear now when it starts getting colder in Sweden. Kind of cool and so my style! 😉


Dress and shoes

A picture from yesterday, here is my new Maxidress that I bought in H&M, simple but cute with a necklace on 🙂Image

And then I bought me a pair of football shoes. I’m in LOVE!

Image// Mirlinda

Football in school

Today we had a football tournament in school, me and 5 other girls made a team named “The princesses” and we had pink vests on. It was so hot outside that I think I drank 3 bottles full of water. We unfortunately lost the semi-final on penalties.. And oh, we played against boys.. and our 2 first games we won with 5-0 and 6-0 😉 
We roock!! woop woop.. 🙂

ImageA picture after our second game, my friends were there as my fans haha 😉 

xoxo Mirlinda


Game day



What a great feeling to take 3 points! Yup, that means we won the game 😉 2-0 





ImageOur first game this season and we won with 2-0! 🙂


Go Nynäshamn!

Thank you Saturday that you came and brought nice weather with you to Nynäshamn, Sweden 😉 The sun is shining bright, so my plans for today is to go and support the young players in my team who have a game today. Everybody under the age 18 can play, but since I’m 19 now I’m to old to play with them.. On tuesday I have my own game, premier for this season 🙂 Its going to be so much fun 😉
Looove to play soccer!! 🙂Image

XoXo Mirlinda 🙂

Men with Great style!

David Beckham ImageImage

Paul WalkerImage

Jesse WilliamsImage

Cute Outfits

Sorry for a bad update today! I have been busy all day long. My prom is tomorrow so I have prepared all the things and then I had a soccer game, my team won with 4-2 🙂 Yeeey!!
Anyway… I follow a girl on instagram, she publish cute outfits. Here are 3 outfits I liked.

(If someone of you guys have Instagram, you can follow me there @MirlindaThaqii) 🙂ImageImageImage


Here is some pictures of me playing football 🙂



ImageAnd the last pic is on my team, Im the one with number 10 🙂