From Albania to Sweden!

Here are more pictures from our trip to Sweden, and there are more to come soon.

swedensweden 2


I had to make collages of the pictures because there are just to many of them! Hope you like them!

Peace! Besa

Sunny seaside!

Hi guys! Hope you are doing good and having lots of sun where you live. These last days it’s been nothing else but to pack my beach wear with me and head for the Albanian seacoast. The first day on Monday was just me the kids and my husband. Yesterday I went to Durres and spend the whole day with my cousins and their kids by the beach. We had a blast together, and so did the kids. After that I ended up sleeping over at their apartament by the beach. It was a nice catch- up with them. Today was lunch day with the family and we later headed home for a nice afternoon nap. Here are a few pictures. See ya’ !!

Fresh, locally grown fig.

Chilling by the beach!

Grilled fresh korn!! Sooo good!!

Oh by the way this is my friend Sonia, she is vacationing through Europe and was in Tirana for a day. She is from Sweden. Of course we went out to dinner with her on Monday evening! We had a good time together
Till’ next time my friends!
Xo Besa!

Photos from Sweden!

Hi guys! Here I am back in good old Albania again. Me and the kids had a wonderfull time in Sweden with my family. We miss them already, but at the same time it was nice to get back home to my hubby. The kids were happy to see their dad as well. So thank you to my wonderfull family for everything we love you and will see you soon when you get down here soon in August! Here are some random pictures for you guys, and there is more to come soon I promise. In mean time take care! 🙂

















Photo credit goes to me, my sister-in-law, and Mirlinda.

Sweden In Pictures part 1!

Hi guys! Hope you are all doing good, and are enjoying the Summertime as much as I am. So far we are having a great time here in Sweden, and I´m trying as much as I can to keep you all posted. Sometimes it feels like I don´t want that to take a lot of my prescious time here. So sorry but in worst case I will post more pictures when I get back home again and have the time for it. Hope you understand 🙂 Here is part one of the pictures, from my visit here. There is more to come…soon! Take care for now!

4982013 064suedi besa 2013 105Foto


Xo Besa


Update from Sweden!

Hi guys sorry for not keeping you posted lately, but I felt like I didn’t have time. Here are some pictures from Mirlindas graduation.









5 days left

I can’t wait until Besa comes to Sweden! All my 3 big sisters are coming for my graduation and I can’t be more happier 😀 We always have fun together and I am so exited to see the kids! . Here are some pictures that show how good we have it together 🙂

Xoxo Mirlinda

New announcement!!

Hi guys! There is something I wanted to share with you today, me and the kids are going on a trip this Monday. We are going to SWEDEN!!! We are so excited, there is going to be Mirlinda`s graduation, my older sister is going to have a baby (hopefully while I`m still there). It`s going to be a family get together at my parents place. I can`t wait. I will be taking lots, and lots of pictures while I`m there and will be posting pretty much about everything worth sharing with you. So I hope you guys will stay tuned to our blog this coming month, because there is going to be a lot of good stuff for you to see and read about. 🙂 🙂 . By the way, I am going to be there from June 3rd – 26th! 🙂

Besa 2012 576

xo Besa

An older picture!

Here is me wearing a black dress ready for fun!


Xo Besa

To Long Gone!

Hi guys!! Remember me? Yes I know it`s been a while, but I told you I was planning to go to Kosovo over the week, and spend time with my parents and relatives. It has been a wonderful week catching up on good old times and just remembering where I grew up. A lot of memories came back to me when I was a child and my childhood in Kosovo. I feels like it was 100 years ago that I was a child hehe. Here are some photos of the wonderful green environment I have been in this last week. I sure needed it. Taking some time of from the usual everyday here in Tirana. 🙂 Hope you like them!

kosove maj 093kosove maj 094kosove maj 099

Cherry Blossoms!

kosove maj 103kosove maj 105

  Apple Blossom!

kosove maj 132kosove maj 112  Drinking Turkish tea!  

kosove maj 170

Grandma and Erand!

kosove maj 176kosove maj 177

My uncles place where they go to enjoy the green fields, that the kids love to play in.

kosove maj 190

Their Beautiful Cabin. The best place to be in this time of year. Check out the pear trees in front.

There are so many more pictures I took, I`ll post more later.

XoXo Besa

Having Visitors!

Afternoon everyone!

I have had the most wonderful Saturday and Sunday ever! Thanks to my parents(Sweden) and uncle who came from Kosovo for a quick visit. There was no time for sitting and writing. I was to busy enjoying their company. It was my parents first time in Tirane  and the LOVED it here. It seemed like the time just flew by, when we had to say goodbye to them earlier today as the left for Kosovo. A little sad but I`m looking at it from the bright side, we are leaving on Tuesday and going to Kosovo and spend the rest of this week there while they are there. Until their trip back to Sweden which is on Saturday morning. Two of the best and fastest flying days in my life! We simply had a magical time together. Here are a few pictures of us from yesterday. And I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.

xifa babi 053xifa babi 065xifa babi 091xifa babi 122xifa babi 113


Xoxo Besa