What a suprise! Vlora came home yesterday.. The plan was that Besa and Vlora was coming on Monday,, but she came yesterday instead. I’m so happy she came ❤ 
She brought me 2 pair of sneakers and I’m in loveee with them. Just what I needed. THANK U VLORA ❤ 🙂

ImageMe yesterday..

Nike Air sneakers.

// Mirlinda


Special gift buy!

Did some walking and shopping around this morning here is what I did and bought;


I had lunch at “Era” restaurant,


I bought my sister a graduation gift, you’ll probably see it later when my sister posts the pictures. I cant ruin the surprise 😉


And I bought these sweet type of berries that grow on trees, I have no clue what they are called in english, maybe someone knows…

After that I came home and am now chilling after walking around town for almost 3 hours.
Xo Besa