Wear yellow and gold

I think that yellow and gold is a beautiful combination! That’s what Im gonna wear today. Go for it ladies!



Inspired by Rihanna

This is how I looked like yesterday. A little bit of Rihanna style, I like it alot. What do you guys think? Hot or Not? 🙂

Details : ImageImage


Xoxo Mirlinda

Graduation gifts

How it looked like when I came home.. Alot of gifts (happy girl) 😉Image



 “Good luck in the future – wishing cards”Image

Sooo many flowers.. 🙂ImageBeFunky_IMG_7223.jpg

Gold details

My new nails 🙂 


NOT like ANY other DAY!

In Sweden they say, “Morgon stund  har guld i mun”. “Morning time is a gold mine” something like that, if you would to translate it in English. (I don`t know maybe there even IS a saying in English as well which I am not aware of yet). Anyways, it sure is a wonderful morning here in Tirana, Albania. Clear sky and sunny, the temp. is 10 degrees Celsius right now, and is expected to be 21 later on the day. That means only one thing for me. SPEND THE DAY OUTSIDE!! 🙂 In mean time i`m going to leave you with some photos of some nice stuff 😉 .Till` later my friends!

gHeading out!



Not without my Chanel!



Couldn`t decide on which one, so I wore them ALL! 🙂



Hold on tight to that beauty!



Bring out the colors!



Gold, gold, gold! Yes please! 🙂

images (1)


Don`t forget to stand out! 🙂



Remember, it`s all how you present yourself!



Stay young, and beautiful! And most importantly, Have Fun!




Wear it in 3 ways!

I went to the mall today. I bought a pair of jeans LTB, and this cool, gold necklace by Mango. I love it because I can wear it in 3 different ways. As you can see on the photo. 🙂



What do you think?




All about the Gold!

So this Morning I got a bright idea on how to create a long chain when you don`t have one. I linked two gold chains(real gold) together and created a long one. I added a Lira (the round one) and a heart with precious stones to it to make it look prettier and they jingle when I move, so cute, I love it. Try it out it`s fun.






My hair is pulled up in a simple pony-tail, my top is from Old navy..xoxo Besa



We all love Michael Kors, right?


I`m telling you!

Here is a suggestion!



You`ll go long way this way… xoxo Besa




Kruje, Albania

_Kruje 26-1-2013 022Kruje 26-1-2013 020VintageColors_3_Kruje 26-1-2013 025_Kruje 26-1-2013 035 Today I went to visit the famous ancient city Kruje, of Albania. Me and my family visited the  very popular and attractive museum, and castle of Skenderbeu. Skenderbeu was an Albanian warrior, who lived around 500 years ago, he fought for his Country, against the Ottoman empire. Even today, Albanians still admire his courageousness as a worrior, and his love for his beloved Albania… I got to enjoy seeing many beautiful, antic stuff that were there for tourists to see and buy. Among many, many other things I saw this dress, or more of a traditional costume dress, made from wool, in beautiful black and white stripes, and beeadings on the chest area. The hat is a traditional hat as well that I got to try on, with     Lires (goldcoins) around. One of my favourites was this beautiful velvet blue, handmade jacket, with silver embroidery, so beautiful. I still have so many, many more places to visit, and enjoy here in Albania. This Country is a true treasure of history, culture and tradition. It really makes me proud to state that I, myself am of Albanian blood 🙂 To me this was truly a great, and important experience to have, I feel like I need to learn more of my great and amazing ancestors.This was like a visit back in time, simply amazing   – BB