Hello guys, here are some of my latest pictures on Instagram. Does anyone use that? If you do, you can go follow me there 😀 @Mirlindathaqii



This is how you graduate in Sweden.. Pictures from yesterday 😀 


No time

Hello everybody! I haven’t had so much time to blog because I`ve had a lot to do this last week in school before I graduate. 9 days left 😉 I’m so excited !!Image

28 Days left..

Until I graduate !! 😀 Image


Yesterday was as special day in school. It’s a tradition for everybody who is in the third grade to put the white hat on together and take a picture. ( The white hat is for everybody who is going to graduate )
And later that night it’s a big party.. That is what I have been up to so I had no time for blogging. But here is some pictures from yesterday so you guys can see how it looks like 🙂 ImageImageImageImage