Thank god it’s friday :)

A pic of me today

Me and my friend took a break after some shopping

Hope you all have a nice Friday 🙂 Xoxo Mirlinda


Good Morning everyone! Hope everyone is doing great. I woke up this morning by getting the sun right in my face, it has been quite a long time since I experienced that, and boy did I fly of my bed quickly. Amazing what a great effect some sunshine can have on people. I know it does for me. It looks like it`s going to be a clear, warm, around 17 degrees and sunny 🙂 . We need every sun ray that we can get. No more rain please!! Shine on beautiful Sun, I hope you are here to stay!

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Now I`m going to enjoy my coffee and the rest of the day!! xoxo Besa


Chris Browns biggest fan

I will never forget Chris Browns tour, CARPE DIEM 2012 Sweden