Vacation time!

Butrint, Albania

Butrint, Albania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It`s almost the end of March, that means that it`s just gonna get warmer from now on. It makes me think of where along the Albanians coast I`m going to vacation this Summer. Since I live here now I guess I don`t have to worry that much because I`ll make sure to enjoy the whole coast. I`ve been to Vlore, Sarande, Dhermi, Gjiri i Lalesit, Butrint the historical city which borders with Greece. Where else can I go.? Here are some private pictures of my vacation in Sarande, Butrint Albania! Enjoy! xoxo Besa


Sarande, Albania

Sarande, Albania (Photo credit: G Travels)


Jonufer-Vlore-Albania (Photo credit: Godo-Godaj)


Dhërmi (Photo credit: penarmusaraj)


I love Cameria!


My son with respect to Cameria(which is Albania, including a part that is now in current Greece, which used to belong to Albania, even today albanians live in that part. But today it`s within Greeces borders). Yet today albanians long to get their lost territories back.- B (for more info please look it up) 🙂