One rose at a time!





With love from Sweden! Besa

Green Inspiration!

Here are some great inspiring picks of GREEN!! Such a lovely color, when you got the right outfit 🙂











vera wang


xo Besa 🙂

To Long Gone!

Hi guys!! Remember me? Yes I know it`s been a while, but I told you I was planning to go to Kosovo over the week, and spend time with my parents and relatives. It has been a wonderful week catching up on good old times and just remembering where I grew up. A lot of memories came back to me when I was a child and my childhood in Kosovo. I feels like it was 100 years ago that I was a child hehe. Here are some photos of the wonderful green environment I have been in this last week. I sure needed it. Taking some time of from the usual everyday here in Tirana. 🙂 Hope you like them!

kosove maj 093kosove maj 094kosove maj 099

Cherry Blossoms!

kosove maj 103kosove maj 105

  Apple Blossom!

kosove maj 132kosove maj 112  Drinking Turkish tea!  

kosove maj 170

Grandma and Erand!

kosove maj 176kosove maj 177

My uncles place where they go to enjoy the green fields, that the kids love to play in.

kosove maj 190

Their Beautiful Cabin. The best place to be in this time of year. Check out the pear trees in front.

There are so many more pictures I took, I`ll post more later.

XoXo Besa

Out is The new In!








Yesterday was a great day! I`m out again, I am feeling so inspired by the beautiful mother nature with all the amazing colors. I`m going out to capture some amazing photographs… until later my friends. Staying inside feels simply like a waste of time, when it`s outside that all the amazing things are happening  🙂