Dressed for Dinner!

Hi guys! Ive been gone way to long right? I went to Kosovo for a week and didn’t have time for the blog, and after that I didn’t have access to a computer since my hubby had it with him on his trip to Netherlands. Anyhow last night we were invited to dinner at some friends place, this is how I did hair and makeup. I wore a hot pink kneelong dress and gold accessories! Do you like it?



See you soon again!
Xo Besa

New Beauty Products!

Here are some beauty products I bought and got as gifts while in Sweden, I love them all!! For the hair, lips, skin, and fragrances to smell great!




Xo Besa


Freshen up!

Today was hair day!



All about the Hair!

Here are some hair styles I love!



Here are some of my hair styles! ๐Ÿ™‚



xoxo Besa



Good buy!

Today was mostly a relax day. I was fortunate to be able to spend it with my husband. We went for coffee in town this morning, a nice together moment while it was raining outside. Later on we had lunch together and after that came home to pick up our son from daycare and wait for the other one to arrive home from school. In the afternoon we took our youngest boy for a haircut. He was so tired that he almost fell asleep on the chair while getting his hair cut. I took a couple of pictures of him. Before entering at ย the barber shop I spotted this beautiful striped blazer/jacket on the display in this next door store to the barber shop. I just fell so bad for it. I went in, it was just my size, tried it on, packed it, paid it and left. It`s a marine style blue-red-and-white jacket, with gold details on the front. I just love it. The brand was Meggissa and it was 45 Euro`s. Here it is!







Here is a combination with a white shirt under and a gold necklace.

Here is a combination with a white shirt under and a gold necklace.

๐Ÿ™‚ You like it??