Happiest ever!

Hi guys, here I am with both of my sisters here visiting with us. I feel so blessed to have them here its just so much fun to spend lots of time together. And the kids love it too. Just dropping by to post a picture of me yesterday at the airport waiting for one of the sisters. I think this picture says more than words of just how happy I feel. Don’t you just love get-togethers?? So long for now! 😘 B.


Throw back, 2013

Happy new year everybody! Here are some memories from 2013 ..ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage 


This is how you graduate in Sweden.. Pictures from yesterday 😀 


A few hours left

I can’t wait, she is home soon!! We are so exited at home right now, (just so you know that Besa 😉 ) Love you & the kids sister!!




What a suprise! Vlora came home yesterday.. The plan was that Besa and Vlora was coming on Monday,, but she came yesterday instead. I’m so happy she came ❤ 
She brought me 2 pair of sneakers and I’m in loveee with them. Just what I needed. THANK U VLORA ❤ 🙂

ImageMe yesterday..

Nike Air sneakers.

// Mirlinda


Smile! :)


// Mirlinda

Black and white qoutes

Positive thinking makes you feel better.. Here you go guys, some positive qoutes, just for you! 🙂


xoxo Mirlinda


Smile and Be Happy!!



Be Happy People!! For no reason remember, because if you are happy for a reason then what happens when that reason is gone?? xoxo Besa