Liebster Award!


I`m writing because we have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the beautiful Armida check out her amazing blog! ( ). We feel honored! Thank you Armida!(Since we are 2 sisters I took the honor to write instead of writing the two of us, it makes it easier to get it down)


  • Post eleven facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions posed by your nominator
  • Pass the award on to eleven new recipients
  • Pose eleven new questions to your bloggers

Then post the Liebster award badge to your blog, notify your nominees and link them to the post. As well as linking in the person who nominated you. what a great way of gaining recognition?! Eleven facts about me:

1. I was born Albanian, have Swedish residence ship and have a US green card.

2. I have a purse addiction!

3. I love anything that`s made of dough.

4. I am a mother of two wonderful boys

. 5. I always try to send positive energy to people around me, and I always say thank you.

6. Spiritualism really interests me.

7. Coffee is my second love.

8. I speak 3 languages fluently, Albanian, Swedish and English.

9. I have 4 sisters and 1 beautiful brother.

10. I have lived in 11 different residences and in 4 different Countries. Kosovo, Sweden, America and Albania.

11. I believe Love is the answer to everything

. The answers to the questions;

What is the thing/activity you love the most?

There are quite a few things that I like to do, like taking long walks on my own which I think help me a lot to just rest my mind and just acknowledge my presence, I like to just observe people, objects and the sky and take it all in everything around me, without judging anything. That helps me learn a lot about my self . And the best thing about it is that if I have a camera with me then I try to capture those moments on picture. That`s where my love for photography comes into picture.

Why did you start your blog?

The main reason is so we could share our ideas about fashion, and our everyday experiences with others. And to connect with other bloggers around the world and hopefully inspire them, and build new friendships.

Mountain or beach? Which one is your favorite?

My personal choice would be Mountains. I love beaches to but I believe you can achieve greater experiences from mountains. They have so much to teach us, all those millions of years of standing still no matter what, nothing can move them. They are jut there for you to enjoy them and support so much wildlife.

What is your motto?

A smile can take you a long way, always keep it with you no matter where you go.

What are you doing at the moment(working, studying, etc)?

At the moment I`m a stay-home mom who is raising two lovely but energetic boys. Within short notice I`m going to be responsible for the administrative part in our family business.

Who is your style icon?

Wow I have many, Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorites from the modern time with her fresh classic and elegant look. Not one time have I seen her in a“wrong” outfit. But from the earlier time Coco Chanel absolutely!! I admire her love for female fashion. Her designs make a woman complete.


Heels or flat shoes?

I love heels absolutely! If I could I`d wear them daily. But unfortunately most of the times I end up wearing flats just because the circumstances require it that way.

Tell us more about your hobbies?

Well as I mentioned earlier, I love photography, when I take photos I always manage to find beauty in everything. I love going out for coffee with friends, I love clothes, spending time with my kids, be outside on a sunny day and spread good energy. Going to different places with my husband and kids. And spend lots and lots of time with people that I love.

Where would you like to go on vacation?

It would have to be to Hawaii, or during Winter to Austria up on the mountains with lots of snow!!

What is your favorite film?

Wow, I am a film lover and have seen so many movies, but when it comes to my favorite one it has to be “The Notebook” such a romantic movie. And “John Q”- with Denzel Washington, which has a great meaning

. We send the award to:

My questions for my nominees:

  1. How come you started blogging?
  2. What is your biggest fear?
  3. What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life?
  4. What makes you jump of joy?
  5. How would you describe your style, classy, simple..etc etc?
  6. Who is your role model ?
  7. How many Countries have you been to?
  8. Sweet or salty?
  9. Your favorite saying?
  10. What inspires you the most?
  11. Do you like our blog? 🙂

This is how you will add your Liebster award logo on your blog, please follow instructions, but only those whom this may concern. Please respect that, thank you!!