Copy my style



Fur vest – Kim Kardashian
Leather jacket –  H&M
Jeans – H&M
New York Cap – Stadium
Handbag – Ralph Lauren

My outfit


Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Leather jacket – H&M
Jeans – H&M
Handbag – Ralph Lauren

Creativity time!

Hi  guys! I had a little time today where I could work on my creativity a little bit. I used yummy green apples and rings of mine for this “project”. Hope you like the pictures.  🙂









The last ring is a silver ring with a large CZ.

Enjoy the bright colors, it makes you want to put the teeth on those apples right?



“If you can dream it, you can do it!”

Done for today! 
Tights from  H&M and Shoes from Reebok




Sunday was Beach day!


Sunday was a lovely, sunny day, around 16 degrees Celsius. Not one single person in Tirana was inside. The streets, the City and the parks were filled with people. Everyone was out to feel the warming Sun against their skin. The traffic was very crowded. It seemed like everyone was headed somewhere. Me, I did the same thing. Hopped in the car with the family for a get-together with some friends of ours and headed for the beach. To the Restaurant that I have posted about before. Not only do they have the best location (by the beach) so the kids have plenty of area to run and play in, but it is one of the busiest restaurants ever, with the most delicious seafood, at a reasonable price.

We stayed there with our friends and enjoyed some wine for over 4 hours, if not more. After that we went to a different place for coffee, and ended up at our place from 7 pm till 12:30 am. The kids fell asleep pretty fast and we continued our chit-chat and just simply enjoyed each others company. It was great! 🙂 here are some pictures from the beach! Hope you like them 🙂



That`s me wearing black Calvin Kline ballerinas, pink nail polish and Calvin Kline jeans.



My boys running around in the sand in search for crabs and stuff.



I loved the sunset! 🙂 so beautiful!


Kings of the beach! They owned it yesterday.


I`m wearing this pink H&M blazer.



The outside of the restaurant, this picture was taken when it got later and chillier because the outside was full when we arrived. We were the ones leaving last.


BeFunky_In.jpgMy son picked this flower for me. ❤


Complimentary from the Restaurant…always!

So those were the pictures, hope you liked them as much as i do. Besa








Chloe purse

Chloe purse

I love my Chloe purse, which was a gift from sister, it will be well used. The necklace is from H&M.