I heart you!

Hi guys, here are pictures of me expressing my love for my husband. I left him a little speachless… ๐Ÿ™‚ which husband would’nt like this??








Xo Besa

I`m walking today!

Starting off the morning with a loooong walk with hubby around the lake.






And ended it with a nice coffee outside the coffee shop, while enjoying the warming Sun. ๐Ÿ™‚



Jewellery choice!

Two years ago my brother was going to get married. I had bought this beautiful light purple, long, strap-lessย dress, but needed a jewellery piece to go with it. My husband was in USA while I was in Sweden visiting with my family. I asked him go around in different stores and find me a nice jewellery piece. So whenever he found something he photographed it and sent it to me so I could tell him which one I liked. This was one of many other pictures of jewellery suggestions that he sent me. The left one finally became mine! Do you like it? Besa

mille 292.jpg


mille 299.jpg

_1.jpgOh by the way I bought it at TJ MAXX ! I loved that store ๐Ÿ™‚

English: Logo of TJ Maxx

English: Logo of TJ Maxx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Laaaazzy Saturday

Today has really just been a stay home and laze around day. Home with the kids and my husband, the breakfast and lunch was made by my husband which was greatly appreciated. After switching channels on TV I stumbled upon this movie which I had never seen before “Battle in Seattle”. It is based on a true event, has a great purpose and is played by many great actors. I was surprised, because I would have never missed a movie like this. I wonder what I must have been doing during that time it came out?..I was probably to busy working. Anyways, another thing was that I was having issues loading up the WordPress homepage and my Blogpage. Until my “computer scientist” of husband took the matter into his hands and fixed it. So three great deeds from my husband today, oh and the fact that he dealt with the boys during the whole day giving me a break. He also picked us Chinese food for dinner and ice creams as dessert. So I guess he did way more than just 2 good deeds after all. Here is the trailer to that movie. Hope you too are having a wonderful Saturday! Besa


Cover of "Battle in Seattle"

Cover of Battle in Seattle

Thank you!

I am so excited! My husband came home last night, it`s nice to have him back again. The other thing is that I was just looking at our stats and I saw that we have reached just over 3000 views on our blog!!! Wohoo!! And we have now 80 WONDERFUL followers in less than two months!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ SO THANK YOU everyone who are just visiting, and those that are following our blog. You are motivating us to continue sharing what we love the most with YOU!! …Much love!! Besa