All about the Gold!

So this Morning I got a bright idea on how to create a long chain when you don`t have one. I linked two gold chains(real gold) together and created a long one. I added a Lira (the round one) and a heart with precious stones to it to make it look prettier and they jingle when I move, so cute, I love it. Try it out it`s fun.






My hair is pulled up in a simple pony-tail, my top is from Old navy..xoxo Besa



Glamorous & Exclusive

There were some words that came to my attention today, one being Glamorous and the other exclusive. I felt inspired! Here is some inspiration for all you out there who feel this way, or simply have glam in their thoughts!








Jewellery choice!

Two years ago my brother was going to get married. I had bought this beautiful light purple, long, strap-less dress, but needed a jewellery piece to go with it. My husband was in USA while I was in Sweden visiting with my family. I asked him go around in different stores and find me a nice jewellery piece. So whenever he found something he photographed it and sent it to me so I could tell him which one I liked. This was one of many other pictures of jewellery suggestions that he sent me. The left one finally became mine! Do you like it? Besa

mille 292.jpg


mille 299.jpg

_1.jpgOh by the way I bought it at TJ MAXX ! I loved that store 🙂

English: Logo of TJ Maxx

English: Logo of TJ Maxx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)