Kate Spade Looks!

Well I have said this before and I`ll say it again, I love Kate Spade! Here are a few looks I adore by the designer!



If these looks don`t turn heads, then I don`t know what does. Exactly what a lady should look like!

What do you think?

Xo Besa!

My newly bought items!

Hello, yesterday I went and did some shopping at the mall. I bought a few cute shirts to wear everyday… The weather has just been so bad, the rain is just killing us for so long now, I can`t even go out from it. I want the sun!! Here are some pictures of the shirts that I bought at Calliope hope you like them. BesaB   Be Cute with holes on the shoulders.

Besa   I love this one with the little bows, (Kate Spade inspired)


BThe scarf is from Terranova, a gift I received from a friend for IWD. I picked it, I loved the polka dots.

BBegg0BeYou see something you like??

Kate Spade forever!

I Just love all Kate Spade products, she has the most beautiful, bright colored accessories and clothing. The patterns are striking, yet soothing to the eye. The new Spring line is amazing, many many nice things to choose from. Everything a girl would want. Each thing she designs is with class and taste. Here are just a few things of her`s that really shows you what I mean.   BB

images (3)Kate SpadeKate-Spade-Watches


bagimages (2)kate spade


besaJust me getting ready to go out to dinner the other night, wearing a black turtleneck sweater by Vince Camuto and a golden necklace by Kate Spade. -Besa


Kate Spade bracelet.

Kate Spade

Once again, here we have this beauuuuutiful Kate Spade bracelet….I love everything from Kate Spade- B

Kate Spade

 Kate Spade

These Kate Spade ballerina shoes are beautiful, I would love to walk in them. I love everything by the designer.