Continuation on last Week…

Here are more beautiful pictures from Kosovo. We had to go and visit my favorite city in Kosovo, Prizeren which I love so much. With those mountains surrounding the city, the old castle on top of it, the river running through the city, and all those old buildings, amazing cafes and people. After that we had to stop on our way back home at the beautiful Kukes for late lunch or early dinner whatever you want to call it. The restaurant was just by the lake which is surrounded by beautiful green mountains. The most peaceful place, just amazing scenery. Here it is.

This is Prizeren, the city in Kosovo.

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These are pictures of Kukes, Albania.

kosove maj 286kosove maj 288kosove maj 289kosove maj 291kosove maj 292


It`s a blessing!

Hi my friends! Sorry for not writing lately, but I was in Kosovo AGAIN over the Weekend. For no special reason, just because. Now I`m back, and I wanted to post some pictures that I took on Thursday afternoon when I was out for a walk with the kids around the lake. We had ice cream first, and after that we walked through a, it must be over 5 km long walk. I was surprised how my 3 year old walked, and ran without getting tired. Well he was at the end, but just before we arrived at the apartment. We had a blast together, it was nice to see the kids rosy cheeks, and smiley faces as they ran, goofed around, chasing each other. Check it out, and the beautiful sunset that we had.

lake 021


lake 023


_lake 035.jpg


ke 029.jpg






ke 045.jpg




I`m blessed, I mean how many pictures have I posted just with beautiful sunsets?? I guess it is as they say, when you appreciate something, and are thankful for something, you`ll experience more of it. Aaaw the beautiful laws of the Universe! 🙂

XoXo Besa





My trip to Kosovo!

The NEWBORN obelisk at the kosovo declaration ...

The NEWBORN obelisk at the Kosovo declaration of Independence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, remember I told you  I was in Kosovo over the weekend and was supposed to come back on Sunday? A well we came back today instead, some things came up and we stayed for an extra day. It was mostly family get-together-time. We hadn`t been there in 2 months, since new year.

So I took  some pictures during the trip but only from the car,  we couldn`t stop mainly because it was raining and the second because my husband had a meeting he had to get to in Kosovo so he had to drive a little faster than usual. Here are some pictures…


One old church in the city Milot

One old church in the city Milot

A beautiful lake in Kukes

A beautiful lake in Kukes

The newly built 5.8 km long tunnel

The newly built 5.8 km long tunnel

On Kosovos ground

On Kosovos ground

Destination prishtina

Destination Prishtina


Two flags but the same people!

Two flags but the same people!

Flags all over the place

Flags all over the place

This was what the kids wanted to eat as soon as they got back home. Crepes with Nutella

This was what the kids wanted to eat as soon as they got back home. Crepes with Nutella

So it was a brief summary of it. I will show you pictures of this amazing view we had today, OMG is all that I can say for now. I`ll upload them tomorrow until then, take care my friends! Besa


Long walk

Wow, I must say every time a go out for a walk I tell myself that I need to do this more often, and somehow I never manage to do it. Silly I know, well I guess it`s been raining a lot lately that`s why I haven`t done it. Anyways, this morning I did go for a long walk, a lot of other people did too, young, old, males, females, overdressed old age men who actually wear some kind of suit and just taking a slow walk with their other old age friend, and talking politics. You`d be amazed how well older people dress here, most of them probably  highly educated, and dress up to maintain that authority and display that personality of some higher character. I don`t even know if I`m expressing my self right but I`m sure you get what I mean. I just Looove the nature, my 1 hour walk felt more like 10 min, just because I was so caught up watching, listening, experiencing and embracing mother nature. Not one second of watching does it look the same, there is so much to enjoy, those trees, the lake and there was even this guy who had climbed up this very high tree, picking these yellow flowers growing on it. I have seen there are a lot of people selling them in town, but I`m not quite sure what they use them for, maybe to make tea or like some kind of herb. I managed to take a picture of that guy on the tree. I hope you can see him on one picture. The photos were taken with my cellphone so I had to edit them a little because of the lower quality camera. Here they are I hope you see what I`m talking about. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any opinion at all..xoxo Besa

BeFunky_201.jpg The very peaceful lake!

BeFunky_2013-02-.jpgBeFunky_InBeFunky_22-15 10

BeFunky_2-02-15 10.jpgBeFunky_2013-02-15 10.jpgBeFunky_2013-02-10

Beautiful! This reminds me to stay grounded! 🙂


Here is the picture with the guy on the tree, can you see him??

BeFu02-15 10.jpgBeFunk02-15 10.jpg

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I saw these sheep, and this adorable baby lamb. They belong to some guy who takes them out everyday. 🙂


A flower had grown, in middle of February???

BeFunk013-02-15 09.jpg


Sunny weather, Happy people,

Positive energy!!



Lake view

Besa 2012 A beautiful reflection of the forest on the lake!


More of Sweden

_Besa 2012 213Besa 2012 150Besa 2012 359
Besa 2012 286
Here are a few pictures that I have taken in Nynashamn, of the beautiful Sweden, where I grew up. It is the most beautiful place to be in during Summer. The amazing nature, with green fields and blue lakes and seas and temperature around 25 degrees it`s just perfect for anyone who like to experience just that. The last picture is of my son and was taken by my wonderful sister-in-law Sahara, who happens to live in Sweden. I hope you enjoy!  BB