This was what I made for breakfast, simple and tasty! 🙂

Banana Panncakes
2 eggs + 1 banana , healthy and tastes very good !
You just mix together 1 banana and two eggs so that it becomes a paste, then you fry it 🙂 I ate it with raspberry and cottage cheese.

And this is my Lunch. I went to the Thai-restaurant and ate some thaifood. Yummie! 😉Image



i chOOse healthY

I started of my morning the same way as yesterday, with a walk. Later when I came home I got hungry and made my self a fresh salad  I sat on the balcony, ate, and enjoyed the warm sun…everything on my salad is locally grown. 🙂 Delicious and healthy!

04-16 10.jpg

6 10.jpg


Eat Fresh Stay Healthy

This is my salad I mad for lunch today. The ingredients are:

Arugola, avocado, green pepper, tomato, Bulgur, salt and Italian balsamic vinegar.



bb  xoxo Besa



A lovely day!

IgÄr var en mycket lyckad dag, trots dÄligt vÀder. Efter att ha mumsat i oss frukost tog jag och Mirlinda en promenad till centrum för inköp av presenter till Izabell och Melissa. Dessa tvÄ sötnosar Àr döttrar till ett par Vicki och Kassem, vÀnner till mig och min man som vi var i Spanien med i December. Vi köpte varsin tröja och hÄrspÀnnen men innan vi gick dit skulle vi först hoppa i en taxi för att ta oss till min fina svÀrmor som hade lagat en tre rÀtters lunch. Jag och Linda vart sÄ mÀttat att vi var proppmÀtta nÀr vi kom till middagen fem timmar efter. Men Vicki hade lagat en traditionell ungersk gulasch och pizzabullar som var sÄ gott att vi Ät Ànnu mer :). Vi hade det mycket trevligt och var kvar dÀr till halv elva innan det var dags att komma hem och avsluta dagen med en film.

Idag tog vi en svÀng till stan för en snabb fika med Lejla och lite shopping. Packat lite för imorgon tar vi en tur till destionation-unknown =)

ImageVicki, jag, Izabell och Melissa i Spanien

ImageJag och mina tvÄ prinsessor

ImageMirlinda hittade sin pojkvÀn hos flickorna =)

ImageMelissas spel ❀ Min man och jag 🙂

ImageMin fina Lejla pĂ„ fikat idag ❀

ImageBÀsta investeringen till bra förvaring till en del av mina skor!



Happy Valentines Day!




gggBeFunky_shoes 036.jpg Check out the details on the cake!


So my Valentines day started of with some gift exchanging, I got him this cute shirt, and he had gotten me this delicious cake, and the special gift which is going to be a VD, and B-day gift on Saturday. The card, my son wanted to design it so he got the honor of doing that. We had coffee and croissants out in town together, then after that I made lunch for us at home. I made Bulgur and avocado salad, with a glass of red wine. After that we had the cake together with the dinner out tonight because we don`t have a babysitter 😩 at least we got to spend lunchtime together. We have plans for dinner out tomorrow anyways, we are going out with friends and the kids. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day as well, because the only things that really matter is to spend it with the ones that you Love!! Besa




beach 2013 009beach 2013 008
beach 2013 037beach 2013 027

beach 2013 028

beach 2013 012
beach 2013 015beach 2013 034Today, my family and I spend the day at the “Gjiri i Lalesit” (bay of Lalesi) at the beach there, which lies between DurrĂ«s, and Tirana, and had a great lunch together. The temperature outside was around 18 degrees Celsius. We wanted to see what the beach looked like this time a year. It was a little windy, and there were some waves forming in the ocean. So nice to feel the Ocean breeze, and the kids had fun playing around in the sand. We still had our jackets on though. There was this great seafood restaurant there and they had a lot of guests. I guess other people thought it was a nice day for the beach as well. I had a glass of chilled, white wine, with this amazing arugola sallad , and seafood-spaghetti. We enjoyed the stay there for about 3 hours, and then headed back home again. Any time with the family is fun time!