Throw back, 2013

Happy new year everybody! Here are some memories from 2013 ..ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage 


Backless Dress

Is there anyone else then me who loves backless dresses? It’s just soooo hot 🙂 Agree?


Dressed for Dinner!

Hi guys! Ive been gone way to long right? I went to Kosovo for a week and didn’t have time for the blog, and after that I didn’t have access to a computer since my hubby had it with him on his trip to Netherlands. Anyhow last night we were invited to dinner at some friends place, this is how I did hair and makeup. I wore a hot pink kneelong dress and gold accessories! Do you like it?



See you soon again!
Xo Besa

Packing Issues!!!

Hi guys! I started packing in the beginning of the week and as you can see my suitcase is almost full, and I still have my stuff to pack!!! I was only planning to get one suitcase with me just because I am always used to having several, especially when I used to come from US to Sweden for 3 months. The worst thing is that I never end up wearing more than 1/3 of my stuff I bring with me. That’s why I wanted to pack light this time, but the boys stuff almost filled the whole suitcase as you can see. Now I have to find a solution because what am I supposed to do to these other things??? Help!!




Xo Besa

Inspiration 2 y’all

ImageXoxo Mirlinda

Right now

Image“Turn your face towards the sun, and the shadows fall behind you” 🙂

Today’s facelook



/ Mirlinda

Pamper yourself!

Here it is ladies! Only the best for your face and nails! Pamper your self with luxury products!


xoxo Besa


Donna Karen 2013



Donna Karan resort-2013 campaign.images


Karlie Kloss for Donna Karen

Karlie Kloss for Donna Karen Spring 2013

donna-karanKarlie Kloss for Donna Karan SS 2013-003

Karlie Kloss for Donna Karen S/S 2013be



Makeup (pinky-wink) by Donna Karen! Besa





Express yourself!- B