Wear it in 3 ways!

I went to the mall today. I bought a pair of jeans LTB, and this cool, gold necklace by Mango. I love it because I can wear it in 3 different ways. As you can see on the photo. ūüôā



What do you think?





My moment

We went and paid a visit to the mall, while the kids were playing I indulged in a coffee and a berry pie..Spoke to my sister Vlora on Skype and worked a little on the blog.


Love is in the air!

I went to the mall earlier today, with the kids. They went to the playground, I walked around the mall, had coffee and a Redbull ajajaj!, not at the same time though! Not good I know, but I was thirsty. What can you do? Anyways the mall was filled with Valentine`s Day decoration, my most favorite things were these pictures hanging from the ceiling with different scenes from romantic movies, so adorable. Here they are! Besa


"Listen to the girl when she watches you, not when she talks to you"

“Listen to the girl when she watches you, not when she talks to you” . ¬†Quote from the movie : “P.S I Love you” (translation of the text in the picture).

Mall Day!

Lippencils¬† I didn`t have much to do today, so my two sons and I, took a cab and went to a shopping mall, the mall is barely a year old. It`s called TEG (Tirana east gate). My boys wanted to go and play so they went into the play area where you can leave your children under strict supervision, paid, wrote down all the info they needed and then left to take a tour around the mall. It was pretty slow at the mall which was kind of nice, because I`ve seen how it can get there during the Weekends :O OMG! You can barely walk from the crowded people there. Anyways I walked into several different stores, they had sales but I didn`t feel like buying anything because that was mostly clothing that I didn`t need, and I felt I`d rather wait a little until the Spring clothes get brought out. I continued walking for a bit more, than I went to a coffee shop, sat down and had a cafe latte and a cookie. I sat there all by myself and it was actually nice, I needed that moment for my self. After I finished my coffee, I saw this make-up stand where they sell make-up and I decided to buy these two lip pens. I went to pick¬†my sons up, we ate burgers at this place called Kolonat, then grabbed a cab back home. Outside it was raining, but that didn`t ruin our day at all! And I felt like I didn`t leave empty handed after all ūüėČ . B